Maintaining the Quality of Your Restaurant Equipment

The equipment that your employees use to craft the delicious dishes for your customers are a vital asset to your overall business. When they're properly taken care of, they will last for a long time. However, when they're not well-maintained, they can break down prematurely and end up costing you a ton in replacement costs. Here are four tips that you should follow to properly maintain your restaurant equipment.

Read Through the Owner's Manual

When it comes to properly maintaining your restaurant equipment, the best place to start is your owner's manual. This is the place that gives you step by step instructions on how to properly clean and service your equipment. You'll likely discover that only certain cleaning practices and cleaners can be used to maintain the quality of the equipment. You should write down what each of these are for all of your restaurant equipment.

Have the Right Cleaners In Stock

We can't stress this second point enough. Your staff members can only use the cleaning products that you have on hand. Different equipment is going to require different cleansers. You're likely going to need a different cleaning solution to thoroughly clean your stainless steel hamburger moulder equipment as compared to cleaning your porcelain plates.

Teach Your Staff the Right Way to Clean

Just because you've read the owner's manual and know how the cleaning of each piece of equipment should be done, doesn't mean it will get done that way. You must inform your staff members of proper cleaning methods. Take time to train them on cleaning each piece of equipment. Even go as far as creating reference lists so that no step in the cleaning process is unintentionally skipped over.

Repair Broken / Worn Out Parts Immediately

The best form of maintenance that you can do is to fix problems as early as you notice them. When little problems start to develop, such as an odd noise, it's time to get the equipment checked out. Many restaurant owners will skip over this step for fear of putting the piece of equipment out of commission. When you address the problem early, you can usually decrease the downtime and save yourself a bundle in repair costs.

Properly maintaining the quality of your restaurant equipment takes time and energy. You need to have a plan, such as the one above, that will ensure all aspects of your equipment are looked after. Realize that crafting the plan is only one part. You also need to work to successfully integrate it into your daily restaurant operations for it to be successful in maintaining your equipment.

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