It's been too long since this has happened.

So the Cambridge Coffee shop season of my life has been long gone for months now. What a relief to be away from the executive visits and ill-knowledged practices of that company.

The new season of career I'm in is the exact opposite. Risky. Passionate. and now I'm the ill-knowledged one! Beginning a roasting career is the most exhausting and fantastic choice I could have ever made. I have 12 micro lots that I'm in love with and creating profiles for with such care it makes my head spin. I'm so glad to have this social network to go to when I'm stuck.

The entire Auburn community here is so curious and excited about my endeavor. It's beautiful. Even with my little knowledge of the craft they're all still so impressed and supportive. The affirmation is needed as well as appreciated. I do however realize that my company is in competetion with some pretty serious roasting companies and I have SO MUCH TO LEARN.

So I'll sit in the back of the shop this week and data log everything. Cup cup. cup. cup. and cup some more.

and then when I'm satisfied with profiles.....

Then I begin to distribute to the masses of restaurants in the area. How do I already have contracts? I must be a damn good sales woman. It doesnt hurt that I'm 6'3'' and passionate as hell about what I'm doing. I'm sure it comes across strong with physical strength and emotional drive.

India Arabica is my drink of the day. Mmm... variety of bean. I love that spicy deep richness. I love my new job.

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Comment by Adam Wilson on March 3, 2010 at 12:40am
Hey Sarah, thanks for giving me a job!

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