How to Improve High Traffic Drive-Thru Efficacy

These days, more and more people are using the drive-thru instead of eating indoors to minimize contact with other people. This means the drive-thru will be more crowded than ever. It's important to keep things moving. Here are 4 tips on how to improve high traffic drive-thru efficiency.

Utilize Your Fastest Employees

Monitor different employees on the drive-thru. Use metrics to determine who the fastest employees are, and schedule these employees on the drive-thru as often as possible. You should also pick managers who emphasize speed and have the best numbers. These managers have proven that they know how to get things done quickly. Continue training everyone on ways to be faster.

Easy to Read Menus Early in the Drive-Thru

One of the biggest hold ups in the drive-thru is waiting for customers to decide what they want. Make it easy for them by showing them the menu well in advance. Provide multiple menus up to the point where someone orders. This way, they can look at the menu while waiting and be ready to order when it's their turn. No more waiting for the customer to decide what to order once they pull up to the window.

Prep in Advance

You should prepare yourself as well as possible. Anticipate the most common orders and have these items ready to go. For example, you can probably get a second pot of coffee ready during the morning rush since you know many people will be ordering coffee. You don't need to wait for the first pot to be used up. You can also utilize a used stainless steel three-door commercial freezer to keep frozen things on ice till your customers order them.

Minimize Errors

When something goes wrong with a person's order in the drive-thru, it can hold up the line. You should do everything you can to minimize mistakes. First, you should have a clear speaker system so that everyone can hear each other properly. You should also provide a screen for the person in the drive-thru to see the order. After taking an order, have the employee verify the order to the customer. These simple steps can save a lot of time in fixing errors.

People who go through the drive-thru want to get there order and get on with their day as quickly as possible. They are probably on their way to work or school. It's your job to help get them there on time (and with delicious coffee and breakfast). These tips can help you accomplish this.

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