How to Add Seasonal Lattes to Your Coffee Shop Menu

If you would like to keep customers interested in what your coffee shop offers, you want to come out with new drink items for those customers to order. Offering seasonal drinks, such as lattes, will keep your customers coming back and get them excited to see what you will have available next.

Figure Out Which Drinks You Want to Offer and How to Make Them

If you are going to offer seasonal drinks, you need to find recipes and try them out. You should figure out which types of lattes you want to offer to your customers, and then you should figure out which ingredients are needed to make each one. You should follow recipes to make lattes and then tweak the recipes a bit to make them your own.

Secure All of the Ingredients Needed

It is important for you to know that you will be able to make a number of the seasonal lattes once customers start flooding through your doors. You should stock up on things like a 2 lb bag whole bean Colombian coffee to make sure that you will be set when things start to get busy. You should also make sure that you have special ingredients, such as cinnamon sticks and peppermint extract, at the ready when a new season starts up.

Find a Way of Sharing News of the Seasonal Lattes With Your Customers Ahead of Time

It is important for you to get your customers excited about each new drink offering. You should find ways of getting the word out about seasonal lattes, sharing about them on your social media account and setting up promotions that will encourage people to come in and try them. You might offer free drinks to the first few customers on the day that a new seasonal latte comes out.

Make Sure Your Staff Is Trained to Make the Lattes

It is important for your staff to know how to make the new seasonal drinks. Make sure that each staff member has the chance to practice making the drinks - and to try them so that they know how to describe them.

You can start to mix in some seasonal offerings when it comes to your coffee shop menu. Get people excited about each new season and the coffee that you sell by offering seasonal lattes to your customers.

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