DQ'd for time, I am going to go commit barista suicide and have a McCaffe

Oh man, I cannot even begin to say how heartbroken I am right now. yeah it was only my second competition, but holy hell 16:23? I am going to go get plastered and hopefully make it to the end tomorrow without crying. At least I know that in that time I fucking nailed my performance, it was everything I wanted to say and I feel the coffee rocked. My shots were coming out so good. If anyone knows where I can see the performance, I know it was streaming online, I just want to look at it. there's always nest year and I have a lot of people I can still root for. January, I know you will do well and if not I'll totes make you a 37th place trophy.

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Comment by Claire Marie on March 5, 2009 at 10:18pm
Dude, we will totally go to the elbow room, cheapest and stiffest drinks in Vancouver. I go there enough to be called an alcoholic. Next competition, I am basing my Sig drink off of any of there's.

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