Once it might have meant catch the Third Wave in Specialty Coffee, single origins, brew to order etc. Today for us it's catching a temporary down swing in the C-Market upward spiraling price wave. Last week got lucky on our order for over a Ton of greens catching the lowest price point in a couple weeks. Next day back up 15 cents a pound, today one week later up a whopping 46 cents a pound hitting a new highest price in over two decades. At today's high price would have been double what it was this time three years ago.


So if you're seeing wholesale price increases from your roaster, there's a very good and necessary reason! And chances are their wholesale price increases have been less than they're taking it in the shorts on greens prices.


May be a bumpy 2011, like 2010 wasn't bumpy enough!

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Comment by Joseph Plaugher on January 8, 2011 at 9:58am

That's exactly the right approach, Scott. There isn't any other way of explaining it to customers other than pointing out that prices are rising across the board. This is inflation. Bernanke swears up and down that it's not happening despite the monstrous amount of overspending in Washington, but it is. They say we're risking DEFLATION, but prices are not reflecting that at all.

Anyway, without getting too political...

Besides, customers are going to get similar prices where ever they buy their coffee (unless some schmuck is using robusta in everything, then he might be a bit cheaper- I don't know). They might be turned off initially, but when roasters everywhere adjust their prices, and your coffee is the best around, they'll all come back to you for their cup joy

Comment by Scott Miller on December 25, 2010 at 1:16pm

I have all sorts of price increases that we are going to have to put in place so our margins can handle these huge price swings; mainly on the wholesale side, but... and this hurts... is increasing retail bag prices.

It is what it is. It just cost a huge pile more money than last year to go visit the in-laws with gas hovering around the $3 per gallon price. That's how I explain price increases to customers who get "sticker shock" when they come to the register.... gas, coffee, orange juice, pork... all sorts of commodity traded items can have price swings.

I sure do miss the days when kick@ss green coffees could behad for ~$1.90

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