Branch out of the Norm: 4 Ways to Make Your Cafe Stand Out

With the world so full of coffee-lovers, many entrepreneurs consider the idea of starting their own cafe to be particularly profitable. However, in most cities, cafes are a dime a dozen. In order to make these businesses profitable, these cafe owners need to think out of the box to make their businesses stand out. Keep reading for four ways to set your coffee shop apart from the competition.

Focus on Curb Appeal


Image is everything for businesses, especially for coffee shops trying to draw in customers. What will encourage customers to step in from the sidewalk to come into your coffee shop? The answer is your cafe’s curb appeal. The cafe should look engaging and inviting from the street or when visitors walk by and look through the windows. This can be done with creative window displays, eye-catching decor, and the smell of enticing food wafting from inside the cafe.

Make the Patio Inviting


Regardless of where your cafe is located, the patio area outside should always look inviting and fresh. As the exterior of your cafe is the first thing visitors will encounter, it is important that you do everything to draw them in this way. For example, a sandwich shop that has rusty tables and dirty seats in front of their establishment will do more to drive people away rather than inspire them to come inside. Alternatively, a freshly painted patio with homey furniture will make potential customers want to see what your cafe is all about.

Offer Unique Drinks


One of the most memorable ways for your cafe to stand out is with the food and drinks that you offer. Include some standout drinks on your menu that no other establishment has. While customers may not understand what they are at first, once they learn to love them, they’ll tell their friends about their experience and will excitedly come back for more.

Get Creative with Food Presentation


Today’s cafe lovers enjoy food presentation almost as much as the food itself. The more photogenic their food, the better the experience. To keep customers coming back to your cafe, get creative with your food presentation and make sure everything is made with care.

Even in a market saturated by cafes, a new coffee shop can find their niche and dedicated customer base. Keep these tips in mind to help your cafe stand out as you start your new business.

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