5 Top Tips to Make Your Coffee Shop Order Healthier

Could you imagine not entering the coffee shop on your morning commute to work? Coffee shops tend to be a daily routine for those living a busy lifestyle - they are convenient and help with the morning fix to start your day. 

However, whilst it can be extremely fitting to enter the coffee shop on your morning commute, there’s the risk that you could be putting on the pounds more when you consider you’re going in there everyday. We can be tempted to order that treat staring at us in the stand window or sweeten our coffee a little more with an extra dose of sugar.

To ensure you don’t follow the trap, here are 5 tips to make your coffee shop order a little healthier.

Consider doughnuts a treat rather than breakfast

Having a doughnut as a treat can be on the odd occasion, but having it as a breakfast can be extremely harmful for your health. Amongst the high sugar content and simple carbohydrates that it contains it can also have you feel droopy and in need for another energy boost shortly after. 

There’s also no nutritional benefit to having doughnuts due to the amount of fat and calories that it contains. As a healthier alternative, consider a wholemeal doughnut instead. 

Opt for milk

If you’re the type to order the specialty beverages at coffee shops, look to order the ones that contain milk such as a latte or cappuccino. You should also ask for the milk to be skimmed, giving you a good amount of calcium without the saturated fat that they normally contain. 

Choose Biscotti for a healthy alternative

Fancy a biscuit to dunk into your coffee to make it feel a little more homely? No problem! We don’t want you to completely get rid of the coffee treats that are available to you. So, opt for Biscotti as your biscuit of choice. 

They’re twice baked and offer the perfect dunking option for your coffee. Some well-known coffee shops offer the biscuits which carry just 110 calories and only 5g for fat. 

Self-serve your extras

To manage what you’re having and how much you have, order your coffee plain and add in your own extras yourself. This is because many of the speciality drinks at many coffee shops already contain plenty of calories and fats. They also have mixes in them which can contain trans fat ingredients. 

To avoid this, order a plain black coffee and add in your own skimmed milk, sugar and sugar substitutes. You can also add some flavour toppings such as cinnamon and ground chocolate.

Get your hands on a bagel

Rather than getting one of the sweeter treats that you tend to see on the bakery shelves opt for a flavoured bagel instead. Or even if you go for plain bagels, it can be a better alternative as you won’t need the added cream cheese or other spreads and toppings. 

You have a range to choose from including blueberry, cinnamon and raisin options and you can go better and order a wholemeal, multi-grain or oat-bran bagel. 

Final thoughts

Keeping on top of our nutrition and calories has been an obsession in society for many years now as individuals become conscious about their health and nutrition. Many of us may be opting for health supplements to help balance out our diets but the tips above provide an indication of how making little changes in our routines can make a big difference to our health. Incorporate these in your daily routines and see how it benefits you in the long term.

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