4 Ways To Drive Customer Loyalty Through a Mobile Coffee Shop App

Mobile data and precise location services provides a prime opportunity for coffee shops to understand user behaviour and gain insight into their preferences. Mobile apps have been a revelation in gaining this data from users. By accepting your guidelines on data gathering, you’ll be able to cater your user’s experience with your brand right through the fingertips of your mobile app. 

This is known as ‘appticipation’ - personalising user experience through data gathering. Having this information means you can improve the experience of your users and ensure they benefit from the optimisations that you make.

Analysis of this data from your app can be useful in understanding where and how your app is being used. ‘Appticipation’ plays a key role in how your customers become loyal to your business. Here’s how. 

Location, location, location

One of the greatest benefits of a business creating a mobile app is their ability to access location data from their users. This means they can cater the experience of their customers based on their geographical location, historical location and even their demographics. By obtaining this data, they can anticipate the moves of their customers and make their lives easier.

Entice them through geofencing

Geofencing is a technology that adopts sensors around the location of a coffee shop. Once installed, users can be sent notifications when they’re around the area which can promote or entice the customer to enter the coffee shop and make a purchase. 

There can be several benefits to this including sending gentle reminders to your customers about redeeming rewards when they pass a competitor coffee shop and sending promotions of a new product when they walk past your coffee shop.

Provide easy transactions through mobile payment functionality

One way to ease the customer journey for your users is through ease of mobile payment functionality. When a customer enters a coffee shop, they’re most likely to want to purchase something. Apps can include an ‘ease of access’ function that immediately brings up the payment option so customers can access it easily and swiftly, without any delay. 

Utilise persona-based discovery

Another great functionality of location based data is understanding your customers and creating their persona. Getting an idea of the type of person they are and what they do in their free time will enable you to build personas of your most loyal customers, and then advertise to them in a certain way that caters to their interests and needs. In doing so, customers will be grateful that you’re taking their closet interests at heart and want to ensure you have the best possible experience. 

Final thoughts

Coffee apps can be influential in the success of your business. They can be innovative ways to improve the relationship with your customers and encourage even more spending in the future. As a result, the loyalty of your customers will increase and have them become returning customers for years to come. As part of your business plan, ensure you’re working with app developers to create an app alongside the work you’re doing for your business - this will be the main step to your success.

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