Coffee shops with a high volume of customers need every square foot of space that is available, especially if you are a local or independent store. The space is especially valuable when you have frequent customer turnover, which is often the case when people order beverages and snacks rather than meals. If you need to open up your coffee shop and free more usable space, the following tips may help.

Stacked Storage

Look for out-of-the-way areas where wall shelving could be installed. Then, fill the shelves with colorful or thematic bins with supplies and products. The bins can also be decorated with signage or other items to make them more interesting and flow with the rest of the room. Also, check floor storage to see if there is space to place smaller containers on top of bigger ones. If you can’t find ahorizontal area to work with, go vertical.

Counter Storage

Use your available counter space for attractive packages and containers that will not only find a place in the shop to be stored but also attract the interest of customers as they step up to the counter for service. While you don’t want to wall-in the sales associates working behind the counter, there may be enough workspace to add some exciting displays that will accent rather than compete with the existing décor. You can also set up cap displays at the end of the counter where items can be readily viewed by customers.

Compact Equipment

Bigger is not always better. Look for smaller versions of your necessary equipment that will use less space in your coffee shop. For example, a touch screen POS system is generally lighter than a full-scale cash register or till. If feasible, consider smaller units for your dishwasher, microwave oven, refrigerator, toaster oven, and coffeemakers to make the shop look less crowded. Choose a style and color of equipment that blends with the decorating scheme. The only reason to have more space for some of these items is to use them to store more food or wash more dishes, but as you will need to be constantly washing and swapping out dishes and food, having more compact but quicker products will be sure to help.

Adjustable Seating

Avoid furnishings that are connected to the wall or floor. Store any unneeded seating like chairs or benches as well as tables in a back room to open up the café for customer comfort. Configure the seating area to meet customer need on a given day or time. Smaller tables and seating options will also provide more open space, along with a narrow counter. Consider adding options for outdoor seating, if possible.

Keeping your coffee shop accessible and convenient for guests is important as it encourages them to come back with a guest or two. Try these space-saving methods to avoid a cramped feeling in your shop and to keep customers happy and relaxed.

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