4 Essential Items Every Cafe Needs to Have in the Kitchen

Having a fully equipped kitchen is essential for the success of a café. You need to ensure that everything can run smoothly and you can serve customers within minimal time. The kitchen requires several kinds of equipment running from an oven, grill, deep fryer, freezer, sauté pans, baking sheets, etc. When it comes to kitchen equipment, the list is endless. Despite the long list of equipment, there are four major equipment types that are a must-have in your kitchen. Below are a few critical types of equipment your café needs to have in order to thrive.

1. Oven

When it comes to assembling your kitchen arsenal, the oven takes center stage. Ovens come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the type that your café needs will depend on the kind of restaurant and food served.

When choosing an oven, you must consider its quality, size, and function. Ensure you incorporate the type of food you want to sell by checking out the different ovens available. You can decide to go for a commercial, convention, or a pizza oven, depending on your café needs.

2. Freezer/ Refrigerator

It isn't easy to operate a café without a freezer or a refrigerator. However, it is an essential item in your kitchen since it helps to keep your food fresh. In addition, having a freezer or refrigerator is mandatory when adhering to food safety and health code violations.

You may decide to go for a walk-in cooler or sizeable freezer depending on the capacity that meets your café needs. You can also go for a used stainless steel three-door commercial freezer which is less costly than a new unit. It is important to find a quality freezer the operates efficiently so that your food stays fresh for longer. Utilizing a freezer with an inconsistent performance could compromise the quality of the meals you serve.

3. Kitchen Display System

The kitchen display system (KDS) enables you to operate swiftly, ensuring things are moving effectively. The KDS is usually on a counter stand or mounted to the wall. It facilitates the ordering process because all staff can view their orders on one screen.

Fulfilling orders becomes more manageable when using the kitchen display system. Orders are worked on accurately and on time.

4. Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is an essential item in any building. When it comes to your café's kitchen, you must ensure you have a fire extinguisher because it is a requirement. It comes in handy in case of a fire and can prevent further fire damage.

When operating your café, you will want to have every piece of equipment in place. When this is not accomplished, you may be forced to compromise. You will have to prioritize and go for the items needed most. The four items mentioned above are a must-have in your kitchen for the smooth running of your operations.

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