4 Ways to Cut Down on Cleanup in Your Coffee Shop

Many coffee shop owners don’t realize just how much time is spent cleaning up their storefronts, and that extra labor can cost quite a bit of money. In order to cut down on your cleaning time, you might need to invest in a few upgrades for your business.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Having the proper ventilation in your coffee shop is incredibly important. That system is going to remove odors, improve the air quality, and make your business much cleaner. Many of the cooking devices in your coffee shop produce airborne particles, and those molecules will eventually cling to the walls and ceiling if they aren’t pulled out of the air with a ventilation system. As an added bonus, a high-quality ventilation system is also going to lower your heating and cooling costs.

Install a Floor Grate

Even if floor grates aren’t a legal requirement in your area, you should still consider installing some type of drainage system. Whenever you clean the floors, you need an area that is going to trap grime and old food debris. You should be able to find the perfect floor grate at a company like Hydro Construction Projects, and those devices can usually be installed in just a few hours.

Put Up a Drying Rack for Mugs

Commercial drying machines are very efficient, but those devices tend to be large and noisy as well. In a smaller coffee shop, a commercial dryer could easily take up most of the prep area behind the counter. As an alternative, you might want to invest in a few drying racks for your reusable mugs. One of those racks will allow you to quickly dry the mugs without stacking them up on the valuable counter space.

Properly Coat the Floors

When a coffee shop floor isn’t properly sealed, microscopic debris is going to seep into the cracks. Over time, that can result in stains, unpleasant odors, and cracks in the flooring. Restaurant floor sealers must adhere to very specific guidelines, and you will need to check your local regulations to see which type of product needs to be used. With the proper sealer, your floor is going to be protected from moisture, cleaning chemicals, oils, and grease.

In addition to these few upgrades, you should also consider having your business professionally cleaned at least once every few weeks. Hiring a cleaning company could end up saving you money by cutting your labor costs and improving your company’s efficiency.

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