Trends in Coffee: Quality is Back in Fashion

Hello - please see the link to an article that I wrote for the Michigan Restaurant Association for thier magazine MICHIGAN RESTAURATEUR:

Trends in Coffee: Quality is Back in Fashion

The article is in the April issue. I welcome your comments and feedback.

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Comment by Peter Tam on April 1, 2008 at 8:54am
No, I do not agree with Andres. Not make things so complicated, they are all mass. They consider only their business, that is what they are interested in.
Comment by Peter Tam on April 1, 2008 at 7:33am
As I understood, it mentioned only about "quality of coffee", but why?

I had thought about such things for a long time, and the market for China is quite similoar to most other countries, I suppose. Though, I would ask following questions.

1) Why to increase the quality, and how much it can help for the business?

Our profs. well know that a cup of well made espresso can be a "god shot", while the not well made can be awful. but, such a fact is not well, not even known by the mass, and also those owners and bartenders of the cafes and restaurants. It is very important to let them know it first.

After they know that fact, they will know how it can help their business by the high quality of coffee drinks.

2) Does clients come to the cafes or restaurants for the style, service, food, or qualified coffee?

It is a vicious circle, all the time. Most owners of cafes in China believe that clients come to cafes only for their decoration styles, service and so on, but not qualified coffee. We believe that it is true, because first their clients do not know qualified coffee can be taste3d great, and second, they can only expect decoration styles, service and foods and so on because they have no qualified coffee drinks to expect. If they do, they will feel very sad, all the time.

Only when people know they have good coffee, they can expect it, or even love it. That is the circle.

When I have, I shall talk something more about such a topic. I like it.
Comment by Andres Castro on April 1, 2008 at 7:27am
Hi Spencer,

I like your article, I would suggest to add a little more information about the central piece in this puzzle that is the coffee itself. When you talk about coffee quality you might add issues such as how to distinguish a good coffee from outstanding ones by cupping, which variables also plays to bring a good quality coffee such as the care within the coffee farm, the supply chain and person in charge to serve the last cup.
Just some ideas. I hope this help.

Andres C.

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