Exciting to see the membership grow so quickly on Barista Exchange! I will keep you all informed on new additions and features as they come to fruition. Like I have said before, feedback is greatly appreciated during these beginning stages of the site so feel free to message me.

To give you all a sneak peak at what will be releases in the next couple weeks, here are some of the features/upgrades in store:

  • Mass Uploader for Photos, Videos, and Music/Podcasts. You will now be able to upload up to 100 photos, videos, and songs/podcasts in one fell swoop. That's not to say that adding 100 videos won't take forever, but go grab a beer or five and you'll be all set.

  • Blog Improvements - Round 1. We've replaced the fancy yet buggy rich text editor with our standard text editor which has the added benefit of working in Safari. We also added blog tags, previous/next links, and pinging of 3rd-party update services. We'll have additional changes to the blog in our next release as well.

  • A Music Player Facelift. Improvements include the ability to feature tracks on the Main page (for admins), pop up the player in a new window, loop playback, shuffle tracks and the option for NCs to disable the "download mp3" option across the network. The player is also now semi- transparent so that the entire player changes color rather than just the border.

  • The Option to Feature Members on the Main Page of your Network. This will work the same way it does today for photos, videos, discussions, and blog posts.
  • Higher Video Quality. We're updating the video player to set on a fixed size which will result in better-looking videos, albeit eliminate the options to have small and medium size videos. We think the trade-off will be well-worth it.

  • Video and Photo Slideshow Widgets Work in RSS Feed Readers. This means that when you pull an RSS feed into your network and that feed has a video or photo slideshow in it, it will work.
Thanks to all members, and don't forget to invite your friends and fellow cover lovers! - Matt

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