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I know that in this forums, there are many different people. But, someonen said that they are already making their espresso not starting from that "golden rules", but here there are many people who are never leave from "golden rules" any more. Does it mean any difference between US and Australian and does it mean that Australia is really more than developed than US?

I do not mean anything else but the facts which I remember is just like this. Does it mean that Australian people are more or developed than US people, and how is in Europe?

In fact, I started to know about espresso 20 years ago bu drinking only, and enter this industry in 2000 years. I know many people here were in this industry much before me, but ......

There are many things are confused. Some of them are originally from Italy and others are not, but seems like. People know how to confuse them, and make others confused. But, I do expect not.

We had nothing created, but only to follow the traditional Italian coffee traditions. But now, even Italian enterpricess do not expect it.

As people said, we can name our espresso as kespresso, cappuccino as kappuccino, and caffe latter as kaffe latte, and so on. But, we dare not call them that way.

Should we do that? I do not know.

Anyway, we always have to talk to different people in different way and thinking seperately.

As people said, I am "arrogant", yes, I do feel that now. I know that some trivial things are not know by others, and they are still fighting for their targets. Such a situation make me feel so proud of it, and we have the key for the business, but others do not. Why aren't we proud of it?

I came here not for this result, but here makes me feel that way. Then, I recognized it.

Thank you, everyone. And, we shall do our best and let you see what our research results can do for the business. That is what we would do at the very beginning.

See you anywhere around the world.

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