Posted by: Mary Dally-Muenzmaier

The following reenactment is 100% true. No names have been changed to protect the innocent.

People often ask us, "Stone Creek, how come you're so dedicated to putting on Free-For-Everyone Events like your biweekly coffee cuppings and refuse to charge the living heck out us for everything?" Our reaction to this insightful question is the same in each instance and without exception: we smile at the inquirer with delight, saying clearly and concisely, "Because we can!" Then, after we've settled down some from the exertion of giving such an excited response, we continue thoughtfully, "Because, dear friends, we here at Stone Creek Coffee believe that we should share as much as possible with our community and our customers. After all, they have shared their patronage and loyalty with us, have they not? Good golly, yes they have."

It is at this point that we are typically asked to present the details of our next cupping event, which is held every other Friday at the Stone Creek Coffee Factory at 422 N. 5th Street in downtown Milwaukee at 9:00AM sharp. On most occasions we have an answer at our immediate disposal, the particulars having been furnished to us by our Master Roaster Stephen Bybee. However there are times when we must rely instead on cleverly spun tales in order to get the word out--this obviously not being one of those of times for, as previously stated, all related here is truth and nothing but.

The important thing that we'd like to relate here is that Stone Creek's Lord of the Roaster has made not a peep regarding the theme of tomorrow's cupping--that's right, he's been deliberately and utterly peepless, which is so not like him--and we are left with no recourse but to simply tell you that.

But no matter, fellow Stone Creek Coffee lovers, for the cupping shall go on as scheduled tomorrow morning at 9:00AM. It is, as always, a FREE event which will leave you even more intrigued and more in love with the amazing coffee bean. Be there!

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