Posted by: Mary Dally-Muenzmaier

If you haven't yet heard, Double Punch Days began January 1 and, boy howdy, what a start it's been! We've already given out oodles of Stone Creek Coffee drink cards to those retail store customers who know that for every coffee or tea drink purchase they make during January they'll get two hole punches on their card. These clever and industrious patrons (a.k.a. Smarties) also know that getting two hole punches for each purchase means they'll get their FREE coffee or tea drink sooner than at any other time of year.

In response to these recent events, we have a few questions for ya. Have ya been to your nearest Stone Creek Coffee café yet to get your drink card? No? You're just as smart as the brainiacs we've been raving about up there, aren't ya? Sure ya are. Shouldn't you be counted among the very brightest? Darn tootin'. So why not stop by any one of our stores and get yourself a Stone Creek Coffee drink card to be double punched now through January 31? Why not indeed.

And, you're off! See, it's just as we suspected--you are mad, crazy smart.

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