finca vista hermosa
i think only the second time i've had it, actually, but that is a mistake to be corrected. lots of milk chocolate, totally reminiscent of my hometown huehue.

production yirg
classic earl grey, with a discernible and nice tartness on the finish

a couple of earthy sidamo samples
both of these had a lot of plainly obvious variation in bean size, and the lack of cleanliness was discernable in the cup. which is, you know, kind of how it goes. i am by no means a natural hater, but they were a bit musty.

a costa rican
um, uh... i forgot. sorry. i'm out of practice.

2 el salvador samples (one peaberry)
both were bright and lemony, but the non-peaberry was particularly good as it combined that with some chocolate notes resulting in a more balanced profile. a well balanced combination of lemon zest and dark chocolate, which i'm not sure conveys what i'm trying to say very well, but it was rad. hopefully they'll be able to put it into production.

and something else i'm forgetting.

it was really cool to have some pre-production samples on the table. reminds me of the halcyon portland days when i was an annex rat and jim would do mid-day QC cuppings he was gracious enough to let me in on, on occasion.

thanks to perry for running the show and sarah jane for pulling me a killer deuce of streamline afterwards.

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Comment by Joshua Longsdorf on November 11, 2008 at 8:10am
Which Finca Vista Hermosa Coffee was it?
Comment by Alex Negranza on September 24, 2008 at 9:35pm
AH! I want some FVH!

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