Oh my 'lanta.

So the baristas here at Hardbacks are a bunch of goofs. We have so much fun with one another its ridiculous.

We have blender battles to see who can make a better smoothie faster (i cheat and click off their blenders lol)

We play the letter game (A to Z of whatever; animals, cities just random crap like that)

The best thing so far was when i was challenged to our favorite game. Plainly called "Categories". Simple.

So Amanda comes up and yells out "styles of ladies underwear". I asked her what the loser had to do. We ended up making a sewer sludge that the loser had to drink. What's pathetic is that i won and she had to drink that shit. GAG!!!

But the real she got me back about an hour later. I was raggin on her about how i (A man) knew more about ladies underwear than she :)

She finally just got fed up with it and shouted "MAN CHALLENGE!!!".....of course now that she said that i had to accept or be called a pussy for the rest of the day.

So she brewed up a double shot....and then let it sit for about a minute..... then she told me to drink it.

So i slammed that shit and wow.... EWWW!!! i just gagged and laughed with everyone.

Good times.

Until Next Time....

( Slipshot )

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Comment by Jason Haeger on September 29, 2008 at 10:15am
It must not have been a very good shot to begin with.

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