Okay, so we just opened the new Hardback Cafe not even a week ago and so far it's going smoothly. We've had a fairly steady flow of customers and our beginning and "intermediate" baristas (including myself) are doing pretty damn good.

During our training a while ago (i assume this is the same with any coffee shop) we've gotten pretty close to one another already....except for like one person.

There is one barista that is just bugging the shit out of everyone ALREADY! (let's remember, VERY new cafe, VERY new staff. Open 1 week.)

He makes good coffee most of the time, but he doesn't wash his dishes, he stands around instead of helping the other barista with their drinks and he is sssslllllllooooooooooowwwwww!!!!!

The biggest problem i have with him so far, and this will change, is that he doesn't follow our cafe's specific coffee recipe process. He thinks he can brew like he did at Starbucks........ WTF man. Do we look like a fuckin 'Bucks? We have different beans, different powders, different syrups, different sauces, and let's not forget.... DIFFERENT MACHINES.We have our own way of doing things just like any other coffee shop. Break away from what you think you know and adapt, man. Golly Gee. :)

So, i got to the cafe (as a customer) and they were short as help. I'm just coming in to chill and have a brew before job #2 starts, but i ended up helping anyway cuz i like the cafe to go smoothly....and i LOVE BEING A BARISTA. This kid thinks he knows everything. He handles customers well, but chats a little too long for the most part. So when they finally got another barista in to work i ordered a very simple drink to make (especially considering we have super automatic Frankes). So tell me if any of you would have trouble making this:

Breve white chocolate, Rasberry Mocha. Double shot. Ristretto.

I was pretty excited about this drink. lol, It's pretty yummy from our place....when made properly.

My boss comes in for some scheduling stuff so we sit down and start to chit chat, joke around, that kinda thing. I took a drink of my seemingly delicious coffee...... It tastes like piss water! DECEPTION!!! lol

I could not even sense a hint of espresso in that friggin cup. So i assumed this guy forgot my shots. So then i assumed he didn't know how to make a decent steamer, let alone a cup of coffee. I was pissed!!! How do you forget the coffee! Lame....

My boss was not impressed. Neither was i.

Even though i may sound like i'm bitching an moaning about something as miniscule as this, i hope you don't take it like that. I actually find this to be quite hilarious. And you should too. I bet this happens all the friggin time to all of you.

Please feel free to share some of your stories. I'm always looking for conversational fodder.

Until Next Time....

- The Best of Brews to you all -

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