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Growing membership ...

Exciting to see the membership grow so quickly on Barista Exchange! I will keep you all informed on new additions and features as they come to fruition. Like I have said before, feedback is greatly appreciated during these beginning stages of the site so feel free to message me.

To give you all a sneak peak at what will be releases in the next couple weeks, here are some of the features/upgrades in… Continue

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Training's Already Started

So I don't leave for Guatemala to start my internship till Monday, but I've already got homework! I've started reading "The Coffee Cuppers' Handbook" and selections of "Espresso, the Science of Quality." I'm really glad I started going to Counter Culture Coffee's cuppings (alliteration?) . It's started me down the path of recognizing flavors and aromas so I won't be starting from scratch which will help me move faster and get further. I hope.

In addition I'm toting down some 20 plus pounds… Continue

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Chestnut Hill Coffee Co. full review

I would hope everybody would enjoy my full review of John Hornall's Chestnut Hill Coffee Co. It is on my blog on a dedicated page - please enjoy!

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1000+ Members on Barista Exchange!

Yay! I can't believe there are already 1000 members on Barista

Exchange. Thank you to all who have supported the site by joining,

blogging, uploading great photos, and so much more. I am excited to see

the site grow, and truthfully didn't expect it to grow so fast.

Congratulations to Beata from… Continue

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My post in CG (Kaffa Café, Standards of Coffee Drinks, 2)

(For stock only)

Hi Breez,

I am sorry to have no responds to you because I did not understand your words. I really did not know what it mean.

A short history of my English study: I learnt Russian in my high school, because there were no enough teachers for English at that time. In my college, I learnt to read mathematics and physics text books in English, without any experience of speaking and listening English. In Italy, I learnt to…


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My post in CG (Kaffa Café, Standards of Coffee Drinks, Origin)

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Kaffa Café,

Standards of Coffee Drinks

Hi, everyone.

(1) First, let me explain why I came back to

We are still in the coffee industry and won‘t leave it in any case, for evident reason. If we have something to say, here is always the best place for it. We have no other choice. So, here I am.

(2) From the very new podcast (#60), I hear the calling…


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My post in CG (Kaffa Café, Standards of Coffee Drinks)

(Is for stock only)

Jasonian Said:

Well that was quite a lot of - historyrepeatingitselfagaininyetanotherpe terinbeijingthreadaboutespressostandards - in one take.

Posted January 28, 2008 link

I had a careful reading of your post, based on my poor English, and summarized that you mainly talked about…


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My post in the forum of CoffeeGeek (I am confused!)

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I know that in this forums, there are many different people. But, someonen said that they are already making their espresso not starting from that "golden rules", but here there are many people who are never leave from "golden rules" any more. Does it mean any difference between US and Australian and does it mean that Australia is really more than developed than US?

I do not mean anything else but the facts which I remember is just like this. Does it mean that…


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Our blog(s)

The main Stumpjack blogsite is located at

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Kaffa's Coffee Theory

A Short History

The human have been drinking coffee for more than 500 years, but espresso has got only about 60 years. In most time of this 60 years, it is only made and served in Italy and some other countries in south Europe.

For the most part of the world and most coffee professionals of the world, the history about espresso may be started only around 1990. It means that we are all starting to learn and to know…


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Snowed In!

Wow, what an amazing storm we had Sunday night! We, here in Kennewick, got 9 inches of snow and that's on top of an inch of ice. There is one disadvantage of being a mobile espresso business and that's when the roads are bad, you're not making any money.

So here I sit two days later, unable to get my truck out. I have so much ice around my truck, from the freezing rain and melting snow, that I don't think I'm going to get out anytime soon.

Last week I had to battle single digit…


Added by Jo Bowlin-Johnson on January 29, 2008 at 7:20am — 1 Comment

My dark love affair

I have a headache. I moan to Carl about this, but he is not impressed."I don't believe such a thing exists." he says. This is because I have a caffeine headache, or rather, a lack of caffeine headache. I didn't sleep particularly well last night, and this morning I had to get up unhealthily early for me, rush round trying to pack everything up for the weekend, and then leg it to the station to catch a (late) train at 8.14. I did not get time to make coffee. Further more, as a conscientious,… Continue

Added by Bel Townsend on January 29, 2008 at 5:44am — 1 Comment

Quest for the Perfect Chai Latte

I am on the lookout for a winning Chai Latte combination. I am working with a very nice spice tea (the 500 Mile Chai blend from Gong Fu teas), milk and have been tampering with what to sweeten it with. Honey just doesn't seem to bring out the spices in the tea as much as a small blast of cinnamon syrup does. Any suggestions from anyone out there?

Added by Melisa on January 28, 2008 at 2:51pm — No Comments

Going to Oslo

on Wedensday I'm going to Oslo, looking forward to it, I will be so hi afterwards, will try an get some green beans at Mocca or at Tims place, roasting is the new skill I will achieve.

It will be pleasant to get an espresso from Tim and Robert and Mie and Gunnhild and many more.

I will try to get as many new impulses as possible on that trip. will be there till sunday.

and this summer I will be going to the Florida keys to visit a friend of mine who is a doctor there. so does… Continue

Added by anders aasen on January 28, 2008 at 10:17am — 7 Comments

Loose Leaf Chai - We need your help!

So, Evoke is interested in serving Chai Tea and Chai Tea Lattes using
premium loose leaf chai. I know there are several cafes around that are
using loose leaf chai even in their lattes.

We have tried several but cannot get it to steep well in the milk.

Any suggestions? bold

Added by Jason Duncan on January 27, 2008 at 5:15pm — 21 Comments

Where the wild things are

I love being the last one out of the shop. Last night I had just

left the shop when I remembered that I had left my cell phone charger

and, when I got back into the shop, I found myself surrounded by

slumbering beasts of burden. The GB5 squatted there on the

counter with its two eerily glowing oval eyes. The Clover

persistantly reminded me to "Stir in cleaner" while the water tower and

the Anfim peeked at me with their little red eyes. In the dark I

could feel… Continue

Added by Joe Stormer on January 27, 2008 at 3:54am — 3 Comments

week #3

So our first 2 weeks went pretty well. No advertising , just word of mouth and a very thirsty downtown business crowd. Each day, except MLK day, which was slow, we have seen an increase in numbers. People are pretty grateful to have a 'real' coffeehouse in town. People also have been looking for a lunch spot, and I have to pay the bills, so on Monday we will add soup and panini to our modest menu offerings. I am trying to strike the balance , staying focused on our outstanding espresso and… Continue

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An Update of the Spring Break Trip.

Fly from Seattle to Milwaukee. i have a lay over in Minneapolis and unfortunately not long enough to check any cafe out.


Alterra Coffee - Working with Scott Lucey


Ancora Coffee - visiting with Ryan Baughn

Not sure yet, I imagine I can hang out at my friend's cafe at EVP. I still am getting to know about EVP, my friend that I am visiting has been working with them for several years. They roast their own coffee and have some pretty nice… Continue

Added by Sasha King on January 26, 2008 at 1:48pm — 2 Comments

May I share my heart?

My introduction to the world of Guatemalan coffee came a short 15 months ago. I really had zero information about coffee, let alone the world associated with it. I am so thankful that my eyes have been opened to the beauty of the world behind my little cup of coffee.

Of course, Guatemalan coffee is superb; every cup is a new beginning for me as I experience the flavor each time anew. It is so multifaceted. It is easy to sell for me, as it sells itself. I could never…


Added by Jan Wardeska on January 26, 2008 at 4:54am — No Comments

oh my god!

oh my god, the coffee shop is almost done!!!!!!!!!

Added by Dan Griffin on January 25, 2008 at 3:54pm — 7 Comments

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