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We are looking for some specific size tampers to offer for vintage lever machines - ones to fit the Olympia Cremina, La Peppina, Faema Faemina, as well as a couple of others - anyone have any suggestions of ones they like (we're looking for reasonable mid priced, good quality, off-the-shelf types)?


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we make one, Stainless steel head, aluminium handle, custom sizes. about $40 plus shipping.
Hi There Folks,
As always, I would be happy to supply tampers even in quantity for the "orphan machines. Let me know your sizes and quantities! I already have made them for some of the above stated machines.
Richard Penney / espressme
I recommend They have a great selection, and their prices and service are great. I currently use two of their tampers, and love them to death. They also carry the Rattleware tampers, which are inexpensive and all-around good tampers.
Thank you everyone! Got what we were looking for!

Hi Barb check out there are some great ones to choose from there!!!! Happy coffee drinking!
Hi. New member, just joined. I make custom wood tampers, not exactly off the shelf, but I can produce a run in quantity for no more than the off the shelf type. Cheers! -- John
In case anyone is still looking for a tamper - we have them in all sizes at - starting from $20 for a great little hardened aluminum one all the way to up Reg Barbar and Espro clicker tamps.
We are professional coffee tamper manufacturer in China, not only good quality, but also competitive price you can get from our tampers. Welcome to contact us for more details via info (at) goodtamper (dot) com.

We (Prima Coffee) just brought in a new batch of Aluminum handle/304 Stainless Steel base Tampers. We carry 49, 51, 53, 54, 56, 57, and 58mm in both flat and convex styles. $40 + shipping. Check em out here:

Prima Coffee Tampers


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