Hi fellow roasters,

I posted the same question on the Machine Heads forum, and thought adding my question here may help also even though its not roaster specific.

I'm looking for anyone with knowledge of VFA espresso machines and if it's still possible to get parts.  They do appear to be out of business.?  My main concerns right now are finding six button Gicar control pads that include a tea water button and the PID controllers.  

I'm willing to do some retrofitting if necessary.

Thank you,


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Top, far right?  That one? 

Thanks for the reply Jason.  I did look at those and I think it would likely work.  I even had a good chat with the owner of cafe parts.  My only thought with this one is the shape.  I am still hoping to find one that has the longer, rectangular DIN shape like a La Marzocco Linea pad.  The Pronta's I'm working on have a custom oval shaped hole configuration with six individual holes so I'll need to machine out the front panel to accommodate a new style and the longer style would help cover the existing openings.  

Obviously I can't be too choosy at this point.  


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