Hey everyone, I purchased a new AMBEX YM-5 second hand. I say it's new because I purchased it still in the crate. I'm hooking it up with the Profile Plus system. I'm having a few issues, so if anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. 

1. My municipality isn't issuing an occupational license unless I have the roaster inspected by a third party such as UL or NSF. At the time of purchase, I didn't even bother to check if the machine was listed. I've contracted with UL to come out and inspect the machine. The preliminary inspection actually took place today. Has anyone else run into this problem with their permitting municipality. 

2. The second issue that I'm having is that on the Profile Plus system, the bean temperature probe and the environmental temperature probe aren't giving a reading. If one wasn't working, I would come to the conclusion that it was broken. But both probes aren't sending a signal to the computer. I checked the wires and they seem fine. Anyone have a solution or run into this problem before?

I appreciate all of your input!

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I never had this problem. I live in a city where they required that it be inspected by the heating, plumbing, and ventilation city inspectors all with the installation contractor present. After the inpection we needed to fix three items, not a huge deal. You may need a letter from Ambex stating the specs on the machine. Sometimes it is just easier to pull a tag off another piece of equipment and pretend it came with your machine. I have never seen a roaster that has Ul or NSF stickers.

In regard to your profiler, mine worked right out of the box with some minor adjustments. Don at Ambex or Paul at Roaster Dynamics should be able to help. Both are very knowledgeable in fact Paul developed the Profile System. Technical fees will probably apply. I wish I could trouble shoot it but if you have any operational questions after you are up an running just PM


Just a follow up, our roaster has been up and running for almost 2 years now. We did have to contact and get the machine inspected by UL for a cost of $3,000. The flew down, inspected the machine, and gave us a list of 12 things that we needed to do before they were to certify the roaster. It cost us about $3,000 to complete the 12 things. Two months later, I called them up, they flew back down, and they certified the roaster. Was it worth it? Not sure. The certification was really expensive, but I also know that the machine is safer. 

What got me was that I showed the inspector 3 other Ambex machines that were in operation within a 50 mile radius, all without third party inspection, and he didn't care. He still was going to require that we go through the process....


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