Hello All, after 6 yrs of operating my shop I made the move to roasting 5 months ago.

I have figured out how to get great rusults but I don't really understand what's happening and why.

Is there any educational/reference material on learning the finer and more technical points of roasting?

Thanks, Bruce.

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Hello Bruce, there's a book that's called Coffee Technology by Michael Sievetz that would be helpful, although its hard to get you might find some in Amazon. Roast Magazine has also placed a lot of literature out there over the years on the subject. Finally you might want to check the homeroasting site where there is also a lot of well written material. If you want to go deeper into uderstanding the subject after that find something on thermodynamics. 


Congrats Bruce.

I started both at the same time. A glutton for punishment I was. Shop is gone now. I do miss it. Roasting only for three shops I helped get going. Several stores and some online accounts. Still very much in love with all Coffee especially roasting.  Studied at

http://www.coffeelab.com/ in 2007. Formal training is worth it if you get to a point that your  budget will allow it.


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