I was shocked a little over a week ago when I phoned Diedrich for tech support! 

I was in the middle of doing up a larger order when my blower motor started cutting out! 

I phoned Diedrich to hopefully get some help on diagnosing the problem. 

Their policy now is to send out an email contract asking for your visa card # and wanting to charge a minimum of $250.00 for getting tech advice from them! 
Their comment was that so many people are buying used equipment and phoning them for help. 
I bought mine new, 4 years ago and they have all my information on file. 
I was told my problem could be one of two thing, and if I wanted to speak to the electrician and pay the minimum they would trouble shoot it for me. 

Does this not sound ridiculous? Shouldn't a company be standing by their equipment and customers? 

Very Disappointed Diedrich customer! 

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I had always planned on getting a small Diedrich for the cafe/roaster I recently opened, but both the generic way they began responding to my questions as well as these reports that I began hearing about customer service made me go an entirely different direction.  Now I have two San Franciscan roasters... a 1 pounder and a 6, and haven't looked back.  No equipment will be problem free, but the assistance provided by Bill and his staff at Coffee/Per has been invaluable.  Not to mention that they build a fantastic looking hand-crafted machine that is also made in the U.S.A.  


Not ridiculous, it is the stupidest thing i have ever heard.  With the price they charge for their roasters, they should give you lifetime service. 


I considered them but fortunately found TOPER in Turkey.  Granted, the language barrier feels impossible to overcome but they are the nicest people around and for the little things that i have had to deal with, they have been awesome.  Plus, the roasters are literally half the price.  WIth what i was going to buy one diedrich i ended up buying two from Toper.


I think they now have a distributor in the USA.  I hope somebody from Diedrich is reading this.

i roast on a diedrich as well, in the past they have been very accomodating, this is the first ive heard of their new policy?!

did you resolve your blower issue??


I've been reading this thread and just wanted to add my 5 cents...

I'm based in Israel and I roast with Coffee-Tech Engineering roasters (a 90kg one and a 2kg automatic one). Coffee-Tech is an Israeli based company but, since I visit there now and then, I can tell you that from what I know they're super nice whether it's regarding answering mails or servicing their clients all around the world (including the states).

It just seems ridiculous to me what I've been reading here about Diedrich so thought I'd let you know that there are manufacturers out there who still bend over backwards for you even after the deal has been done. And that's how it's supposed to be.


To Dan Urieli, I read that you use an Israel made roaster. Do you roast here in USA with it?

Do they have offices here in USA to serve this market? How do you like the automatic 2kg?

I wrote to the Coffee-Tech web site and they answered me immediately with specs and prices. Would like to see them in operation.

Hi all,

Am I the only one on the planet having issues with a faulty PLC?!!!

3 weeks now this has been going on! Diedrich apparently has one 'qualified' tech as I was told! She's not in till 1 pm everyday this week as she's helping an Australian customer, and with 'the time difference'!!!..she won't be in to help other customers till 1 pm mountain time!!! What about other customers like me? Just a one of many questions I have for Diedrich at the moment!

She asked me to buy a new PLC 10 months ago when my graphics on my screen started acting weird while I was in a middle of a roast! I did. The PLC was replaced and I purchased a new one along with purchasing a new router etc. Now, it's happening again! This time she requested the PLC to be shipped to Diedrich! I did. She shipped it back saying it worked perfectly fine and there's nothing wrong with it! Now what? She said 'unwire and rewire PLC'. Did that too. Problem still there. All I can do is sit and wait till she's in at 1pm MT.

Apparently Diedrich decided to switch to a new operating system a couple years ago, as Microsoft refused to support the old system any longer. My roaster is R12 and 4 years old. New system costs $5000,00 +$1500,00 cost on top of that for a techie to install it as they told me, + travel time etc !!!

I'm trying to breath. It's just frustrating.



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