One of the things I feel like I need to grasp more is coffee bean development.


I recently decided to play around with profiles using my SHB El Salvador. I'm using an Ambex YM2, so I turned the damper all the way to the cooling bin, allowing a 50/50 airflow. With a charge temp of 430 and an equilibrium of 160, it is a steady rise to 1st crack at around 9. The roast is a total of 14 minutes.


My dilemma is this, when I crack open the bean, I see the inner and outer part are lighter, while the middle is a little darker. Reason? Maybe I'm approaching 1st crack too fast or going too hard into it? The goal is an even roast through out the bean.



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Most roasters are rated for higher batches than their sweet spots. 

The slow ramp 6-8min. fast finish 2-2.5min is the Diedrich approach and is talked about here

slow ramp fast finish . They may be talking about it in the IR-12 thread here, also. I did a sumatra roast with it and liked the results. Melded the various sumatra flavors in a nice way. I'd stick to tweaking the faster ramp slower finish with your El Salvador.

I'm gonna try that on Friday. I'm very interested in seeing the results. I was sample roasting some Sumatras on a small air roaster the other day and usually charged the machine with 135 grams of coffee. Taking this discussion into account, I reduced the charge to 115 and the results were staggering. I've never seen such pretty bean development. It almost brought a tear to my eye;)


I've got to say I love Barista Exchange and this forum. Its is awesome to post and have an open exchange of ideas.


I just posted a new discussion to "Roasting" titled "Roaster Mods". I am doing some work on a Samiac 10 and am going to post some of the mods there. Would love to hear your thoughts!

I love the discussion here.
I roast on an Ambex YM-2 and love it. I normally keep my roast at 2.5 lbs. depending on the bean and the outside conditions, I will charge my roaster to 370 to 400. I like to make the turn around 190 to 200. With a 2.5 lb roast I adjust the airflow so I can cross over 300 around 7.5 minutes. I like to climb at 17 to 21 degrees a minute until I cross 300 then the rate if climb is 10 to 12 degrees. I will go for 3 to 4 minutes after first crack, unless I am shooting for an espresso or dark roast, then I go 4 to 6 minute after first crack.
I love the YM-2, it's very easy to roast on and it's a work horse, if you just do regular maintenance on it.


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