I'm doing some preliminary research with the intent to enter the commercial roasting industry. Can anyone offer any tips/insight into required licenses, zoning/pollution laws. I'm sure it's different in each state but any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Going through the same thing right now. Check your city's web site and see if they have links for businesses. At least they might point you to where to go. Many cities have business sections in their websites that have an FAQ section for new businesses. Aside from a business license, you need to see if your spot is zoned correctly. Also check with the health department and agriculture department, just tell them what you're doing and they should give some help. As for pollution, I'm looking into that myself.
Hope that helps. If anybody wants to add, I'd appreciate it as well.
Local city is good...In canada we have fisheries and wildlife...I think in the States it's the EPA...but not sure....some places require an afterburner others don't. Try striking up a conversation with a roaster in the same state (to find out the state regulations). Another is to look at roaster retailers in the same city...look at their roaster...noting their exhaust, etc. Call the roaster manufacturer they would know as well...Deidrich, Ambex, Renegade to name a few etc Not sure this helps?
Thanks James and Dennis. I'm finding out much the same info. EPA is definitely the place to go for the pollution side of things and in NYC they seem to be very strict. I'm also finding that to sell online requires the same licenses. Might have to start looking outside the city limits. Good tip to check with the roaster manufacturers, thanks again. Paul


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