Who are you and what do you roast on?
My name is Steve Kessler and I'm a roaster/customer service rep for Espressions Coffee Roastery in Phoenix, AZ. I roast on a 25kilo Probat.

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Hello, I just joined the Barista Exchange website and am very excited about all of the networking and knowledge sharing opportunities. I saw this group for roasters and joined right away! I own two retail locations, one in Bay City, MI and one in Frankenmuth, MI. I do all my roasting at my Bay City location on a Deitrich IRC-7 roaster. I look forward to learning and sharing information about roasting and enjoying great coffee!
Welcome to the group! Two locations....that's great. How's the roasting going for you? I work for a roastery in AZ doing customer service and some (not enough in my opinion) roasting. When I roast, I use a 25K Probat. Once again, welcome to the group.
Owner/Roaster at CONSCIOUS CUP COFFEE in Crystal Lake, IL. Primo PRI - 20. Mike Shipley.
Welcome to the group Mike. I've been to Crystal Lake a few times, very pretty out that way. How's the coffee community out by you?
Thanks Steve,

I just joined Barista Exchange the other day... what a great site!

We've been open for about two years now and we've got a strong following and a positive response from our community. Specialty Coffee is a bit tricky in the suburbs. Our competition is major chains. Unfortunately, our area hasn't seen a lot of sustainable independent cafes. This gives us competitive edge but also means we're somewhat alone in educating our consumer. I think it's changing though... It's always nice to see the "average" consumer find out that coffee is a seed.

Thanks again for the warm welcome.
Hey Mike,

I definitely feel your pain with the struggle to educate customers in the suburban area. We've also been plagued with a history of bad independent coffee shops in the area. But I guess it's just a patient process. And it is always nice when customers do take interest and want to learn more about the art of coffee.
You're right Ryan...
I think the impression that the suburbs aren't cultured enough for specialty coffee is wrong. Our customers are great and once they come in we can retain their business because they can recognize the difference.
I'm Alexarc Mastema. I work for The Black Drop Coffeehouse. I roast on a little baby Primo, PRI-TT-EC. Which is a 2 KG.
Hey Steve Happy 2008! We roast on a Diedrich IR24 (24 Kilo). It produces a wonderful roast, plus it is enjoyable to show to new customers. We get a lot of ooohs and ahhhhs (SMILE). We are located in the Shoreline area of Seattle, just north of the University of Washington.
Happy 2008 back at ya Sean! I have to get out to Seattle one of these days. I have a feeling I'd fall in love with it and not want to leave. Anyways, welcome to the group Sean and best of luck with everything!
Yeah who knows you just might get tired of all of that sunshine down there and move to a place where it rains about 364 days a year (SMILE).
Good thread and group - nice to be here. I'm Owen O'Neill and at present I roast for Freedom of Espresso in Syracuse NY. I've been their roaster for about 3 1/2 years and work on two different Sivetz 1/4 baggers. I love and hate the Sivetz but am itching to get my own operation launched - which is about to happen.

I purchased a Diedrich IR-3 in May 2006 and rented space but a death in the family and other circumstances threw a wrench in the works. My schedule (I do have a day job other than roasting) has lightened up a bit, seed money is in place and I found a much better space - buildout to be finished ina few weeks.


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