I'll be selling my coffee at fairs and markets and I want to give people samples of both choices of coffee. However, I do not know what kind of machine I should get. The fairs/markets are weekend activities within the city, I don't really know how many people will be test tasting our coffee.
What do I need??

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either use a french press or aeropress. Fast and simple and easily portable.
Ceramic Pourover Drip filters work well. I have seen some nice filter racks advertised in Barista Magazine by www.visionsespresso.com. They look pretty slick. But it all depends on how your target market drinking coffee. If you are in a region where all everyone drinks are espresso based cafe lattes (like here in Melbourne, Australia), you are working the hard way by serving a drip filter coffee -- you should be getting a small shiny espresso machine (like the Isomac Mondiale) and brewing up piccolo lattes and ristrettos.

Don't take for granted that you will have access to power -- verify it! I give THAT advice from past experience. :)

IF you don't have power, go with a gas powered machine.  I have a Nuova Simonelli MAC ELLE two group espresso machine for sale that would work great for you.

call me  7208394733



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