I really hate bikini coffee stands. Ugh.

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I cant ever get a job in one it must be the beard.
Oh well, it's the commercial world of coffee. I studied this industry for 3 years before I jumped in head first. All the workshops and training showed that female baristas sell more coffee than male. The lesson was if you want to sell more than the neighbor don't just hire females, hire really good looking females. It's not really the coffee. In any marketing sex sells and sells and out sells the company that doesn't not incorporate it in some sense of the word. Subtle or not it always shows up in the bottom line. I don't agree with it and will never use that kind of marketing. What I mean to say is I will never use bikini clad help to sell my coffee. I don't need to. My first year speaks for itself. I hope all the girls on this BE site know they don't have to go to these, "shall we say extreams", to sell there coffee.
You don't have to take your clothes off to be a Hot Barista. You proved that Brandi.
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