Are you experimenting with single origin shots? Got a new blend to try out? Whether it's reddish-brown liquid nirvana or you think you just threw up in your mouth a little bit, the BGA wants to hear all about it.

My personal favorite SO espresso was a Sumatra Garuda that PT's had a few years back. Ever tried Intelligentsia's Espresso Chocolate bar? It was pretty much like sipping that. Excellent semi-sweet chocolatey sweetness, very full body and just enough acidity to make it through a few ounces of milk. I almost took it into competition as-was. It was that good.

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I've been playing with a natural Brazil single coop today. A very peculiar profile with warm peppery spice, subtle dried fruit, woody and somewhat pungent aftertaste. Great bittersweet balance and body. It needs some balancing out for espresso to have mass appeal, however the comes through nicely in milk with the pepper lingering in the aftertaste in a surprisingly nice way.

Not my ideal espresso, but interesting to try. I thought I might liven it up with 20% washed Harrar... it wound up tasting like rotten blueberries. Back to the drawing board...
Most recently A single origin Robusta from Sethuraman estate India. Beautiful and potent, yet subtle and complex in ways you didn't think Robusta could be. Not a coffee for everyone, but quite the conversation point with customers.
Itzamna, Guatemala: La Soledad

It is bright and the acidity is advertised. I'm having a bit of trouble with sour, and no end of fussing with flushing the HX is helping. I've pulled this from 188 to 208 degrees F, and still not great. Had a local pull me a shot with it that knocked me out, though. Must be me.
The last one we did (we do a new espresso all day on Saturdays) was the Cowboy Blend from Ristretto Roasters. It's a really nice coffee, blend of two adjacent farms by the same farmer in the Delerisse region of Brazil. It's generally pretty wide spread as far as fruit, earth and dark (chocolates, nuts, tobaccos, leathers, etc.) notes go, but when pulled as a ristretto it really really brings out the chocolates, caramels and the nuttiness. A lot of hazelnut, a lot of pecan, and really nice dark chocolate that coats the palate perfectly. It's one of my favorites right now for sure. BUT this Saturday we are going to run Ristretto's Kenya AA Karinga. I'm super excited about that one.


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