i need your opinion on this: if someone were to make a big hygienic mistake, would that lead to serious loss of points (almost as a sanction to not let him pass the heats)??

could a hygienic mistake justify marking a 0 (on 6) for the "judge's overall impression" box?

i'm really curious about your opinions on this. it would be great if some certified judges could comment! thanks!

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A good example would be of some use.

At the moment, I'm thinking bad hygiene practice during performance time as..

1) Not reaching the minimum requirement of three cloths for cleaning the steam wand, workstation, filter basket.
2) Not cleaning the steam wand, workstation, filter basket. Full stop.
3) Sneezing into the cups and serving them?
4) Not using clean milk pitchers along the inside, before each steam.
5) Dirty cups? Equipment?

.. kind of racking my brain at the moment for more examples.
it depends on how much it appalled the judge. but I could never imagine giving a 0 for it.

there is a place on the tech sheet (2nd to last box) that is for "general hygiene throughout presentation"....really thats where hygiene problems should go....but if there is something that affected the sensory judges experience then it would be acceptable to include that in total impression...

did something happen? if so, i'm curious to know what


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