I had an interview at a coffee shop in Fremont today. I had some high hopes and felt relaxed at first. I expressed my passion for coffee and my desire to learn how to roast coffee. I even showed him some latte art photos of some of my drinks. The owner said he is the only person to roast coffee and kept interrupting me as I was answering questions. He sell cigarettes but doesn't hire smokers, and he says I seem to have medical problems and seem dishonest. This is discrimination and I hope he goes out of business. The guy never checked my references before the interview to get some knowledge of my work habits and abilities.

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Working for them or their coffee supplier won't be a problem as we measure success VERY differently. I like to seek quality and how far coffee can be pushed, and the other two people like to make a buck the cheapest way possible. The coffee provider likes quality, but if a good cup of coffee could be made from Lavazza, he would go for that.

I've got a P-T, will go F-T when 2nd shop opens, at a place I've always loved the coffee and enjoyed being. The owner is in pursuit of quality and excellence.
Looks to me he needs to be sent to the White House for some profiling training, over a beer.
haha this is why discrimination laws *aren't* needed. dbags like that get enough bad press, high turn over, and crappy workers that they close anyway!

ray peck said:
Looks to me he needs to be sent to the White House for some profiling training, over a beer.

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