I had an interview at a coffee shop in Fremont today. I had some high hopes and felt relaxed at first. I expressed my passion for coffee and my desire to learn how to roast coffee. I even showed him some latte art photos of some of my drinks. The owner said he is the only person to roast coffee and kept interrupting me as I was answering questions. He sell cigarettes but doesn't hire smokers, and he says I seem to have medical problems and seem dishonest. This is discrimination and I hope he goes out of business. The guy never checked my references before the interview to get some knowledge of my work habits and abilities.

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I won't go there. It sucks that business practices often drive people away.
That sucks, sorry dude.
You should report him for discrimination, coffee industry or anything he legally can't do that.
take care of your self...that guy is a looser...
he needs you, not vice versa...

He can absolutely not hire because someone's a smoker. It is also his prerogative not to hire someone he doesn't trust. He can't discriminate based on Laurence's medical problems. The guys an ass and it really sounds like he didn't give Laurence a fair shake.

Meredith said:
You should report him for discrimination, coffee industry or anything he legally can't do that.
Oh yes. That's what I meant, he can't discriminate against the medical problems. That is pretty bad that a fair chance wasn't given, sad to know someone like that owns a shop.
What a dbag. Well at least you know what kind of a person he is. Could you imagine what kind of crap you would have to put up with if you did work for him?
What? Wow.
I am now over my frustration from my interview. I contacted former employers to let them know that person may be calling them to ask about me. One of them said I could have my job back. I still want to see that shop go out of business.
Thankfully my bad interview wasn't discriminatory in nature, but still weird/very strange in nature. I was scheduled to interview with the owner of a local restaurant group about their coffee outlet.

Scheduled for 11am, didn't start till 11:10. Owner busy rearranging 'patio like' setting. When we finally sat down to talk at least he remembered me fondly as I worked for the rest. group 9 years ago & they kept a week's vacation pay from me. We chatted about a few things related to coffee but no real description what the job was.

Person #2 shows up & there's another round of introductions. One question is asked.

Person #3 show up with another round of introductions. Then they saw some salesmen and debated who should talk with them.

Owner tried to steer the conversation back to me (Yes, Yes!) and then passed me off to Person #3 as the others had to get back to work. He thought out loud about not being sure where he would put me, had to check the schedule and that he would call me by the end of the week. We shook hands and I left.

I headed back to my car at 11:40 with one thought, "What the hell was that all about?". Coffee was barely mentioned and I left even more confused about what I interviewed for than when I showed up.

I did not call back. This also was one of two places I threw away my drink as soon as I was out of sight. I recently worked a little coffee gig in the same area and notice all the coffee equipment was gone. Huh?
you don't want to work for an a*hole like that anyway.
I agree, it sounds like he did you a favor not hiring you. Good luck at the next interview, it can only get better.

lindsaytron said:
you don't want to work for an a*hole like that anyway.

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