I plan to offer free wifi at my location.  I see ads for WebBeams.  Please share your experience with offering wifi, and mainly what to avoid, etc.  Thanks!

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Don't do it web beams. It's a waste of money. Have a separate network for your customers, and change the password daily, weekly or monthly. You can make your own password cards on card stock. But it's far better than wasting money on pre-generated passwords that you can easily do yourself. Free wifi is a good idea. But make sure you have tons of bandwidth to share. I keep my wifi open all the time. I know my customers and who likes to abuse it. I ask them to leave and give them the eye if they don't buy stuff. I want my customers to feel like they can get away from social pressure though. So I don't limit the time they can use the wifi. If you change the password from time to time to filter out the thieves, you should be fine. We are known for having the fastest internet connection in town.

We have been using WebBeams for nearly 5 years now. It keeps our customers on one side a fire wall with our business on the other. Each customer needs a case sensitive code which is generated at the cash register/ P.O.S. . You designate a fee and/ or length of time. We offer free WiFi with purchase which keeps folks from just pulling up in the parking lot to use it or coming in and sitting for hours on end without buying anything. Remember your seating space generates money, if they aren’t paying, they aren’t playing. There are other ways to do do it but WebBeams was fast and easy for us when we started up. Back then there weren’t very many companies that could do this set up.

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