We're in the process of opening a drive-thru/cafe in Bend, Oregon. 

On the cafe side it looks like we are going with a Modbar setup and I'm trying to decide between the following grinders

  • Mahlkonig K30 Vario
  • Compak K-10 Fresh
  • Mazzer Auto-dose

Our priorities are in this order ---> Quality - Speed - Waste

I'd love to hear your thoughts if you have experience with any of these grinders.


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Last year after six months of researching upgrading (from combination of Mazzer Majors and Super Jollys) on which big doserless conical to go with decided trying a UNIC 731 aka Macap M7D 68mm conical doserless. Loved it. Now have 4 of them in production use so far. Excellent quality in the cup easily in the same league as a Robur or K-10, ~3sec for ~18g dose, easy one handed dosing straight into PF, virtually zero waste. And sweet price.

Compak K10 fresh is the best value. Conical burr. Equal quality to the Mazzur Robur at $1500 less. And Less Waste. This is the grinder that we use. Chute redesign since K10 doserless (have one of those around) makes a big difference. 

Mazzer-- it depends which one. I have three, two of which I still use. Only downfall is their price on the large conicals. Nothing else negative. All their products are excellent. A stellar grinder.

Mahlkonig K30. Have not used for daily operation. I've used at barista competition before. Fast. Quiet. Flat burr. Sometimes tends to be clumpy due to static. But is very consistent. Seems great for high volume. Possible burr overheating issues during all day use due to insane grinder speed. 

using k10 fresh and Robur e for the last 3 years Both awsome grinder but never add any problem with the robur!!  and lately the k 10 fresh been jaming on me , once a week i would say. i use those 2 grinder in my both shop and the both seen 5 lb per hours  rush and always been great . the work flow of the k10 fresh is a bit better since you can leave the portafiler in the grinder and do something else when waiting the 3 sec to grind the coffee.

but this is just 3 sec at the end.

K30. All day! That thing has redefined the entire flow of my drink prep.

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