To all of the owners/managers out there, where are you ordering your togo cups from? I found a good deal on Choice brand cups but I am worried the quality of the cup is too low.

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I use cups from Eco Products through our Sysco distributor at my shop in Maryland. The cups are biodegradable/compostable paper with a poly blend vegetable based lining. Sysco carries several different brands and types of cups, and believe me, we have test driven them ALL!  We switched to the Eco cups about 2 years ago because they are obviously more eco-conscious.  And at the same time, the cups have a not-so-ordinary design (map of the world) and are reasonably priced when compared to other paper cups and some high end styrofoam cups.  We actually put the decision in the hands of our customers and let them decide which cups they liked better...and voila, easy!  I like the company because they also offer compostable and biodegradable clear plastic cups, cutlery, and to go containers for food. Look for something that works for you, your shop, and most importantly your CUSTOMERS!

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