Where can I find specific demographic information for my region to be included in a business plan?

I'm opening a micro-roasting company this fall and need to find some demographic info to include in my marketing strategy. Does anyone know where I can find find some specific numbers and studies for people in the southeastern region or the us in general in coffee consumption and household purchasing?

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You may have asked them already, but that is what your Chamber of Commerce is for.

I am sure someone on here has more than that to offer, so you are right for "fishing" on BX.
Cities are hungry for new businesses. Many will have studies (local or regional) prepared for you for free, if you tell them you are considering locating in their community. Check the business development office in your city.
look for industry specific magazines...in one of my baking industry magazines, they regularly list the money spent in the market and break it down to like categories of baked goods, and grocery stores vs. stand alone bakeries, etc. I am sure there's a micro roaster mag somewhere that you can contact and get that info.
This is simple. Go to your city hall and find city planning. They will have absolutely everything you are looking for in demographics.

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