I'm looking for some aprons for my shop. I'm trying to find the kind that you tie around your waist and go down to about your knee. So far all I have seen are the ones that you loop around your neck and cover your chest and the short ones that a cocktail waitress wears. Right now we are folding the full-sized ones in half to achieve the waist down look. If anyone can direct me to a place to purchase these that would be awesome. 

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Try this link http://www.bvtcr.com/index.cfm?fa=main.Products&category=Chef%2....  These are more the "classical" or "traditional" Bistro aprons but if you go to the crew ware page on that same website they have more to choose from. I am a culinary student and love the bistro aprons but to each his own, try some different ones and see which you like best.  You may also try your local Aramax or uniform or floor mat supply company I have also gotten aprons from there.  Hope this is useful to you.



Also, Chef Wear has a pretty good selection of aprons: http://www.chefwear.com/store/index.asp?DEPARTMENT_ID=161. Chef Revival has the same aprons at the post above. I've owned their chef coats and their quality and fabric are top notch.

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