Just wondering if there are any suggestions on where to go in Portland Oregon we are going Friday afternoon and plan on staying all day Saturday. Thank You =)

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What are you looking for in your "cool"-ness? Portland tourist stuff, cafe's, dining, parks and rec, music?
Yes all of that !!

Alex C. McGregor said:
What are you looking for in your "cool"-ness? Portland tourist stuff, cafe's, dining, parks and rec, music?
Some of my favorites:

Barista - 13th and Hoyt, is owed/run by Billy Wilson a 2 time winner of the NW regional barista championship, they make some great coffee.

Nuvrei - A bakery on 10th and Flanders, fantastic pastries! Barista carries their pastries too, try the chewy chocolate cookie.

Coffee House NW - Burnside and 21st, another great coffee shop.

Stumptown Annex - East Belmont and 34th, they do free cuppings every day at 11am and 3pm, and have every Stumptown coffee for sale.

Jamison Square - 11th and Johnson, a great plaza that feels like France (to me at least).

Laurelwood Public House - Kearny and 23rd, organic beer and sustainable food, very good!

The whole stretch of 23rd from Burnside to Overton is good, lots of shops, cafes, and what-not.

"The Pearl" where Barista is, is an area with lots of bars, restaurants, some galleries and antique stores, the hip place to live with lots of over-priced lofts.

Belmont out by the Annex is more "indie" than the Pearl, Hawthorne street over there as well.
Coffeehouse 5 in the NoPo(?) Corner of Killingsworth and Albina. Beaker and Flask. Bunk Sandwiches at 6th and Madison. Gotta get some Bunk up in ya. Best sammiches ever.
Everything everyone else has suggested is right on but I would like to add "Pok Pok" on SE Division for some great Pan-Asain food. I think this is my new favorite restaurant in Portland. Also Ken's Bakery in the NW. Be sure to check out the Saturday market.
You Guys are awesome thank You for all the great suggestions. I've printed them out and ready to venture..Woo Hoo !! +)

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