When it comes to commercial espresso machines - Rancilio or La Cimbali or Unic?

Howdy folks.


I have a supplier that swears by Unic and La Cimbali machines and down-talks Rancilio. I've done some online research and find more information (of a favorable nature) and higher ratings for Rancilio machines than I do for either Unic or La Cimbali.


I'm wondering what the collective wisdom is out there regarding these 3 manufacturers. It doesn't mean these are the best machines available. The Supplier sells (and services) Unic and La Cimbali - so he naturally pushes those and down-talks others.


I've worked with a Rancilio Epoca and found it to be a very hearty and robust machine making really great espresso. Yet, at the same time, I would consider a machine that can be serviced by a local technician rather than someone who might come from out of town.


Any thoughts? Experiences?

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I suggest consulting at least two more suppliers.

There have been lots of discussions here on the relative merits of the machines you've discussed, except perhaps for UNIC, which I don't think have ever been discussed or mentioned here. Look back through this section and see what you can find.


Definitely stick with machines that have good local support. If you ask this question to a well-regarded local tech they will help as well.

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