I'm wondering what peoples' favorite drinks are? especially soy drinks =) I'm looking for new ideas to keep things interesting.


My favorite is a soy white mocha with almond and peppermint flavoring

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This is really one of my favorite drinks now, best way to start my morning :)

Brandi Heath said:

Matt I'm on the same page as you. I adore pure espresso and I can recognize and appreciate the different flavors in different blends and those brought out in different brewing processes. But, after being a barista for going on 5 years now, I still prefer a short double white chocolate breve. Its a sin and Coffee Jesus isn't impressed but what can you do :)


A soy drink you might enjoy

This is preferably in an 8 oz cup

heat up your mug using americano water

dump the water

coat the wet bottom of the cup with finely ground cinnamon

pull two shots over the cinnamon without stirring

steam about 1 tblspoon honey WITH your soy



:) Soy Sunshine.






Matt Roney said:

To protect my fragile ego and my coffee geek cred, let me say that I generally agree with Mr. McGuinness up there. However, I've had plenty of time to screw around with syrups and such, and everyone seems to really like this drink. It's great in the summer when you want something sweet and different.


I've always liked how caramel and soy compliment each other--they've both got a certain nuttiness. To begin, dose out the amount of soy milk you'd use for an iced latte, than add caramel--or whatever--syrup, to taste or as is appropriate for the size you're making. Stir until you've got flavored soy milk. Add ice. Now, pull your shots and pour them carefully on top. DON'T STIR, and drink with a straw. The drink will start out sweet, but taste more and more of espresso as you go. At the end, you're basically drinking a sort of iced americano.


Technically, it's an iced soy caramel latte macchiato, which I must admit is an incredibly obnoxious name. Again, it makes the purist in me cringe, but it's also, occasionally, delicious. Let me know what you think!

In Order of Most Favorite


Espresso Machiato

Pure Espresso

French Press, Black

French Press with Brown Sugar, Baileys Irish Cream & Whip Cream!

I used to really enjoy a dark chocolate mocha with a pinch of sea salt whisked in and garnished with a few healthy turns of a black pepper grinder.

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