What would you do? one of your baristas posted a real bad latte art pic on your cafe's fb page.

One of your baristas posted a real bad latte art pic on your cafe's fb page that you just happened to spot! we'r talking "really bad". You start thinking of all the negative reaction it is going to attract, and what if ppl think this is the standard of latte art at your cafe!!! and the "what ifs" start to pile on and on....Would you:

A- Decide to keep it so you don't hurt anyone's feelings, after all they meant well, no biggy, just chill and go to bed.

B- Keep the photo, but schedule an immediate one one/one training session with that same barista _at 10:00 pm (only time available)_ down 15 Espressos! then spend the whole night training them on how to pour some sick latte art, while pledging your shaky hands will get more artsy as the night progresses!

C- Meet with them the next chance avail, and inquire abt how and why things went south lately (latte art speaking).

D- Remove the photo and go to bed.

Interested in hearing what everyone might say.


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Remove it.

interesting problem to have. at least they are attempting. i'd take it down, used it as a chance to address training and then put together a facebook posting check list. hopefully you have a good enough relationship to be honest with them and help them get better.

good luck

work with them to make a better one and then post it, then remove the old one telling them you wanted to show case thier best work

From option C, it sounds like the latte art is usually good, and the photo of this one is not their best work. If that is the case, you could take it down and ask them what happened. Maybe they didn't mean to post it. Maybe someone else posted it. There is no way to know until you talk to them.

This is going to sound mushy I know, but you guys are my "palies", thank you all.


OK, am I the only one that really wants to see this picture now???

Fine...here it goes

Brady said:

OK, am I the only one that really wants to see this picture now???

Nice contrast?  Good microfoam?

well... i've poured worse. i really wish there was a latte art fail page somewhere. it's a tough  because you don't want to dash their spirit but you want them to get better.
we started the Barista Throwdown League to get barstas together from different shops on a consistant basis to challenge and teach each other and that has been the best tool for this region for drink quality and latte art growth.

let us know how you handle it (and how they take it).

Daniel Demers said:

Nice contrast?  Good microfoam?

Totally agree with this.  I feel it could have been so much worse. Everyone has their bad days.  I would also like to see how this plays out. 

Maybe consider a system where you "submit" pics to your peers at the shop every so often and post from that pool?  Otherwise, they will simply be taken down, no questions asked? 

I think it's actually a good time to use it as a learning experience. If you don't like their work tell them what you'd like to be done differently. As long as you do it in a way that helps them grow and doesn't totally demoralize them it's a win for your business. Also, you could run a cool FB competition with your staff. Ask your staff to submit their best latte art pic every week to you. You choose the winner, feature it on your fan page, and give them a token prize. It's a win for everyone and low cost marketing tool to keep your customers engaged.

All the Best,
Stefan Vlisides
Founder and CEO | Braviant

Well, if you really use your imagination it's a newborn baby dragon still sitting in it's shell puffing smoke. :-) And I'd want to see it replicated 5 times in a row or down it comes!


Serioulsy though I'd definitely sit down one on one and possibly later with entire staff and discuss shop standards for posting latte art.

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