I’ve been planning on opening a coffee shop near my hometown. I have found a great location at an affordable price. I am looking forward to turning the place into a welcoming and warm, where everyone would like to come in again and again. A place everyone would like to have a long conversation with their friends or date while sipping coffee. I am planning on concentrating more on coffee. There are a lot of coffee lovers in Canada.
I plan to buy coffee online in Canada for better quality and standards. There are a lot of varieties in the international market, from which I’ve finalized one after asking around and tasting myself. I’ve also enquired about the quality products and listed the items to be purchased.
I need to know the current trends in coffee. Kindly please post about your favourite coffee, that you’d like to have while reading a book peacefully. Something that is your every time goto drink.
Thanks in advance!

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Nice Post. I like it. 

Also know about smart coffee.


Hello Dennis! I myself feel behind in the latest trends and fads of coffee! I'd classify myself as a simple gal and love to drink chai latte's whenever I am winding down! 

Best regards, 


Dennis. I make mine at home before going for a walk, it's not that time consuming, also I can control the whole process. 
Currently it's dark roast from Koffee Kult (Sumatra origin) or from Kicking Horse (Indonesia origin) w/o milk for me. Both should be available in CA as far as I know. I still have a batch left from my friend's visit. 

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