Mine at the moment is the old favourite Yirgacheffe. Better than Bali methinks. However Bali indonesian is very smooth. Yirg' better though... I love to hear comments from the united Barista community on that?

Cheers Lomax

Head Barista

La Galette De France, Broadway Nedlands, Perth Western Australia

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Just read your blog,enjoyed it by the way. It seems we offer a few of the same coffees, if you are ever interested in a trade let me know. I always enjoy seeing others interpretations on the same coffees.

Jesse Bladyka said:
Playing favorites is so hard to do... We have a Sumatra, Aceh Gold, which presents some of the best characteristics of any indo I've tasted. Cedar and Bergamot acidity, Chocolate in the body and and an extremely long, winey finish. Also a favorite of mine has been the 08 crop of Kenya from the Rungeto Coop (Kirinyaga), Carmel and Maple Syrup, plum tomatoes and a whole new meaning of "dances on your tongue". As far as Latins go, I'm really excited about our Guatemala from the Asobagri Coop (HueHue), White and Black Pepper up front and a soft brown sugar finish. All wonderful coffees, favorites of the day. I also just had the privilege of tasting Intelli's Hacienda La Esmeralda Geisha, I blogged about it here: http://banditthebarista.blogspot.com/ Phenomenal coffee, not sure it's worth the price point, but fun to try.
I can't really answer the favorite question. Tough tough tough... I love some of the coffees mentioned before me. I owe some cupping epiphanies to some of them. However, I have been knee deep in some amazingly complex Costa Rican coffees lately. From the Don Mayo estates, La Ponderosa 100% Bourbon, mechanically washed, purposely leaving 10% of the miel on and sun dried. Also, Helsar De Zarcero has been throwing out some fantastic coffees: Villa Lobos, Villa Sarchi and a Cattura have all been in my hands almost every day lately.

Which brings me to the question,... How do you define "Single Origin"? Actually, I am going to start that question in the Forum.
I decided to try some of PT's Coffee, since several people had mentioned the Beloya Selection 8. I ordered from GoCoffeeGo.com, and also ordered Costa Rica Finca Cerro Paldo, and Moka Java Blend, all from PT's Coffee. Really looking forward to getting that order. HA! Might even take that Beloya with me to Charlotte for the SERJ!
Those Beloyas are great coffees for sure. The Bagersh family farms are by far the finest Ethiopians I've tasted. I think my favorite is the Aricha, lot 16. We only got to sample roast it, it was gone before we could buy it. We got partial lots of 28, 1, and I'm still holding out on vac-packed number 18, waiting for the holidays.
Th problem with the beloyas and arichas right now is age. Evem vac-packed in the grain-pro bags they are well over a year old. We had some and it is nothing like it used to be. We could not even sell it, because it just did not represent the lots. Tragedy. They were so amazing though. I agree with lot 16 on the aricha. It was my favorite too. If memory serves me correct, strawberry jam on buttered toast. Mmm.... BUT!!!! If you are going to get those coffees at this age, PT'S is a great place. PT's dose an AMAZING JOB!!
Joe, I guess I can only imagine what the Selection 8 tasted like before. I just made a press pot of the Beloya, and it has shot to the top of my list of favorites. I owe Jason Dominy a great deal of gratitude for raving about it on Facebook, and piquing my curiosity. What I really like is how the cup finishes; some coffees finish with a very bright, citrusy taste that can sour the mouth. The Beloya had some of the citrus there, but with warm overtones of buttery caramel. I really wish I had the training to clearly describe the tastes I experienced like some of you more experienced folks.
Favorite coffee all time was already mentioned by Mike... 06 Ethiopian Yirg Idido Misty Valley (Bagersh Farm). That was the coffee that really opened my eyes to how vastly different coffees could be. I remembered people raving and raving about it on the SweetMarias homeroast email list and I finally got myself some. It absolutely blew my mind. I had never tasted coffee like that before. It's what really got me into cupping.

Quite a few different Panamas, Esmerelda would be in there of course... I've loved different things about different years. I've also enjoyed a lot of the coffees from the Carmen Estate in Panama, though. I remember like 2 years ago SM presented "Carmen Estate 1600+ meters" and it sang to me.

Year in and year out I really enjoy Yemen coffees, though. They're just so... funky? Not tamable? Wild? Spicy? You know what I'm attempting to get at I think. Yemens and Ethiopian Yirgs would be my top favs year in and year out...

I've always liked dry processed Sidamos; however, lately, I'm fascinated by an Indian Jasmine Estate.
Hey guys and Gals its been so cool to see my inbox from the elite Baristi talking single origins. I agree with one coment about the Sumatran. What a wonderful coffee and it cuts through the milk beautiful. But to drink a long black I really love Sidamo its so complex, yet light, a wonderful afternoon coffee. Cheers to all my Barista pals far and wide, and thanks for commenting. Keep them coming. Go Java GO.
Costa Rica SHB :) :) :) I LOVE this carmel aroma, LOVE this carmel aftertaste :) ... ofcurse Yirga and Sidamo are alsow great. The best in classical brewing is for sure Papua New Guinea ... those are my types ... maby typical, but i don't care :P
We have a fantastic pulp-natural ethiopia right now-the Amaro Gayo. Strong fruit flavors, lemon, peach, citrus blueberry and a nice dark chocolate coming through. Works fantastic as espresso.
One of my all time favorites has been mentioned a few times already, Ethiopian Yirg Idido Misty Valley. Currently I'm enjoying one of our new micro-lots, Byron's Maracaturra from Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

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