i am very curious what my peers are making

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minimum. 9.00 in NB, Canada. But I'm fixing at $1,600 in tips and I only work part time.

I would say that the "average" wage for baristas range from $7.25 to $12.00 per hour.

Yeah....hourly wage between 7.25 - 12.00 seems dead on.


Tips vary of course between an arsenal of reasons...

i pay $10 + tips, living wage is 11.50 here and my employees average about 14 an hour all up

I am in Australia and earning AUD$20/hr (about the same in USD), which is the higher end of what a barista would be paid in Melbourne. If I worked in the city I might get $25. The cafe where I am is currently doing around 70kg of coffee per week, so it is high volume (therefore experienced assumed) work.


For clarification, is that AUD$20 your actual hourly rate or a rate including average tips?


Because if it's the base rate, I'm very interested to learn more about your company's business model.  Meaning: how many baristas work for your shop and are they making the same rate as you?  Further, I'd be interested to know the gross revenue per year of your shop.


The reason I ask is because I only know of a few specialty coffee shops that are able to afford base salaries of USD$41,000 per year (which is what $20/hr works out) and in order to make the metrics work, those shops are doing gross revenues up to and perhaps exceeding $2mil per year.



australia's minimum wage for people over 21 years old is in the ~$20 range. when i was there, my friend worked at a grocery store stocking the meat section and made $22 an hour on the weekdays, $33 an hour on sundays.


Then even more so I'm interested to know how their business models work in Australia.  Or is it simply a matter that goods there cost more to the consumer than elsewhere?


I mean, based on those numbers, a shop with say five baristas each making $40K per year would have to gross a minimum $750,000 per year - and I imagine that with that kind of revenue and volume, those would be some very hard working baristas indeed!

well, there's two things that help australian coffeeshops, in my experience - 

1) they don't really serve drip coffee, so every order is a latte or a cappuccino. an 8 oz latte goes for $3-3.50 and a 12 oz goes for $3.50-4. it's slightly offset by milk costing a TON, but every order being close to $5 helps with the overall average.


2) most cafés serve some type of food, and their hours end close to the workday, so being open 7am-6pm is common. usually there's only one barista on duty and the rest of the café is staffed by teenagers running food. so that helps also. i only lived in sydney but that seems to be a pretty common setup.

When I first began as a barista I was making 7 dollars an hour. Then when I hit about a year's experience I was making about 7.75 an hour. Now that I am a bit more experienced and am in charge of the other baristas I am making 9.75 (Which factors in other management duties). To me it seems very fair considering we make decent tips at our place.

1600 in what time span?

Andre Guimond said:

minimum. 9.00 in NB, Canada. But I'm fixing at $1,600 in tips and I only work part time.

Average in Sweden is about 15USD/hour, 14 being the legal minimum wage. tipping is minimal.   Being a barista, or cafeworker as it's clasified, is the lowest paying job over here so not really a careerchoice for most.  Costs are generally higher: a 8ounce double shot latte around 4.50USD incl 20% VAT gross.


With high VAT, heavy corporate taxing and pretty stiff regulations around health/safety it's relatively hard to run a profitable coffeshop business.

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