Thats Right! their seems to be a problem with that lovable yet ridiculous haven of free speech otherwise known as I just tried to access the site and it redirected me to a page saying that the government (who obviously drinks bad coffee and is their fore grumpy all the time) has seized the site and is investigating copyrite infringement charges! Anyone got any insight? How will I find out about my needless coffee news!!!!???

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Yes, it seems somebody overreacted to something they didn't like and cried to an attorney.  I hope it's settled without too much hassle.  Probably those dopes from the coffee shop where all the employees walked out last summer.

In the meantime, you might try this.  I'm neither good enough of a hacker or interested enough in Sprudge to try it myself...

I think the site was hacked by someone they ticked off. They don't sell any goods on Sprudge, much less counterfeit goods. So, I doubt Homeland Security is actually involved in this. But, stay tuned ... you never know.
it worries me deeply that the government can "seize" a website. hopefully it's a prank?
Just a layout update it appears.
Seems to be up and running again. Big ups for Zachary & other sprudge crew for continuously keeping me up to date and entertained at the same time.
A nice little stunt?
That's funny. And I hope that's the case. I thought it was legit after I saw Nick Cho's twitter post about the police talking to zack.
New design is cool! Tres chic.

The website does not display correctly using Internet Explorer 8 - maybe someone can let them know


Ron, the Country Guy

Hi Joshua,


Not sure what happened with Sprudge. Anyway, our coffee buzz section may help you with coffee news:



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