So, we use a La Marzocco Linea 2 group semi-automatic espresso machine, and we're trying to work out the best way to keep it looking polished.  Currently, I wipe it with a damp cloth, and go back over it with a dry cloth.. this keeps it clean, but not neccessarily shiny.  I've used metal/silver polish on machines I've worked on in the past, but we're wondering if anyone has any other suggestions??

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You only need use a microfiber cloth and steam from the wand and buff it up! You wouldn't want any non coffee smells anywhere near your machine.
I use the method Phoebe just mentioned. I also just read about using a slight bit of lemon juice on the cloth as well. I have yet to try it myself. I have the same machine and it's tough to keep it looking bright. I suppose you'll have to use something stronger if there is build up anywhere on the outside of the machine.
yeah, that's pretty much what i've been doing. just wondering if there was a specific cleaner made for these machines that i didn't know about. guess not..
Microfiber —the thicker, towel type— and steam. I use one of the cloths supplied with one of our LCD TVs afterward to give the chrome a nice shine —which, I suppose, is just an extra fine microfiber cloth.
microfiber cloth and car wax(Adam's Butter Wax in my case).
Sheila Shine!
Microfiber cloths are great, but in a pinch a clean, dry coffee filter works too. No streaks, nice n shiny

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