What do you think of the Saeco Spidem Villa espresso machine?

Let's ask the experts - Saeco is about to bought out by Phillips Electronics and many in the industry fear that the quality of their espresso machines will drop. The
Saeco Spidem Villa is a great Super Automatic espresso machine that costs under $600.

What do you really think of this machine in comparison to Saeco's higher line of families (Odea, Talea and Primea)?

Is this where the new Saeco may be headed - Automatic machines at lower price points so that they can enter more retail stores?

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If I am not wrong, Saeco originally brought out the company that made Spidem in the first place? I have no real quarel with Saeco- they produce a product for a certain segment of the market and deliver it adequetly. We have in the past been pressured to put low-end Superauto's into some of our institution clients bars and sports clubs. We have used Saeco Spidems- as a roaster I was not that satisfied with the results. We now use Jura machines for the same purpose. Generally they perform a wee bit better although I would obviously really prefer semi or autos.

I think a Phillips-Saeco Merger would not be necessarily a bad thing for either company- infact it is quite savvy. Phillips has clobbered the home user market in Holland and Germany with their Senseo and its PPPPods. My guess is the marriage (working relationship) between Phillips and Doewe Egberts (Sara Lee) is strong and they are both looking at ways to extend their market reach beyond the pod approach.
Great information that you shared as I didn't know Saeco bought the Spidem company. I do have to respectfully disagree about Jura. Yes their machines are good and the higher end ones make some of the best automatic microfoam, but internally we have found the components to be of lesser quality than others.

In fact, some of the higher end models have the same components as mid-range or lower competitors. Which Jura machines did you use in the past? Have you tried any of the other Saeco's like the Odea family?

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